Halo Infinite announced, powered by Slipspace Engine, coming to Windows 10

"We will join Master Chief on his greatest adventure yet to save humanity", said Xbox chief Phil Spencer after the trailer aired. You can check out the trailer above!

"The Master Chief returns in "Halo Infinite" - the next chapter of the legendary franchise".

Microsoft kicked off its Xbox E3 press conference with a doozy: the reveal of Halo Infinite, a new Halo game that is. um. well, it certainly looks pretty!

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Further details about Halo Infinite weren't revealed.

Speaking of aliens, we didn't see any sign of the convenant. We don't know anything more than the trailer below, but sometimes that's enough. Are he and his soldiers stranded there, or are they there on a mission? Where does this take place in the Halo canon? For now. No doubt we'll get more information soon throughout the week. The game releases with special enhancements for Xbox One X. The game will run on Microsoft's new Slipstream Engine, but the game is so early in development that the company isn't even announcing a release year.

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