Iran says United States imposing policy on others

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday said he was ready to meet his United States counterpart Donald Trump as soon as Washington was ready, adding Vienna could be a possible venue for such a summit.

While Donald Trump is in Canada getting the cold shoulder from G7 leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving accolades in China.

At the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization this weekend, Messrs.

Putin stressed that he is ready to meet Trump "as soon as" Washington is ready, adding that there were "no precise talks on a place for the meeting".

Despite tensions in the US-Russia relationship, Putin did not rule out the possibility of a meeting with Trump.

The comments come after Trump called for Russian Federation to be readmitted into the G-7 summit, a meeting of seven countries with major economies.

Russian Federation joined the group in the 1990s after emerging from the wreckage of the Soviet Union, making it the G-8, but its armed intervention in its neighbor Ukraine in 2014 and seizure of the Crimean peninsula angered other major powers.

"For Putin, this is return on his investment, and it's safe to say that his investment has paid off beyond even his wildest dreams". Lawmakers have questioned his hesitance to criticize Russian Federation, particularly for its alleged role in influencing the 2016 US election.

Iran had struck the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) deal with the United States, the UK, Russia, China, France and Germany after years of negotiations.

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On bringing Russian Federation back into the G7: "I think it would be an asset to have Russian Federation back in". Kudlow, in a separate TV appearance, said Trudeau was "polarizing" and "really kind of stabbed us in the back".

Its member states also include four former Soviet Central Asian republics, Pakistan and India. The president added that the nuclear deal is backed by a U-N Security Council resolution and its, therefore, binding for all countries.

President Mamnoon Hussain on Saturday held a bilateral meeting with his Iranian counterpart President Hassan Rouhani and discussed relations between the two countries and the prevailing situation in the region, said a statement.

Earlier Sunday, Putin criticized the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal in a speech at the summit.

"The very fact that we confirm the high level of our interaction and talk about the need for its development, in my opinion, is of great importance, for contemporary global relations, for Russian-Chinese relations", he said.

"I think it would be an asset to have Russian Federation back in", Trump said Saturday before he left the gathering to travel to Singapore.

But no disharmony was evident during the 2-day summit in Qingdao.

Putin described the United States pullout from the nuclear deal as a "unilateral and illegal move" and declared Moscow will negotiate with other parties to the deal to keep it intact, Fars reported.

Trump pulled out of the 2015 Obama-era accord last month, despite objections from European allies and other nations.

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