Is Uber looking to use artificial intelligence to identify drunk passengers?

Uber is working on AI to identify drunk passengers

Is Uber looking to use artificial intelligence to identify drunk passengers?

But that could soon be about to change.

A rider's sobriety level will then result in the kind of ride they get. The system essentially monitors how the potential rider is using the app to identify erratic behavior. "The prediction is based on data associated with a request submitted by a user", Uber explains in the patent.

Uber may implement a system that determines if users are behaving like their usual selves. And you'd imagine that any driver agreeing to pick up passengers at these times is already well-aware of what to expect.

However, experts fear it may allow drivers to undertake "drunk hunting".

A tech that can tell if a passenger is drunk could help drivers avoid dealing with customers that are out-of-control or start puking in their cars.

It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers.

Furthermore, passengers might not be given the option to be included in a shared ride, based on their state, and as for Uber drivers, drunk passengers is notably a drawback of the job.

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It's not yet clear how advanced the research on this technology is or how accurate it would be.

Patent application for registration this technology firm has filed for the appropriate Agency in the USA, media reported.

The applications are both called "Virtual Reality Experience For a Vehicle" and were filed in 2016. Uber is safer than driving under influence and cheaper than a cab.

The patent applications say that Uber's VR technology will provide riders with something to do to make their commutes less monotonous.

He's seen it way too many times.

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