It shows the growing severity of the issue

Suicide rates are climbing in almost every state in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which announced the "troubling" trend Thursday. About 45 percent were dealing with relationship problems or loss, about 51 percent experienced life stressors, and about 33 percent encountered recent crises. "We don't think we can just leave this to the mental health system to manage". Finding economic circumstances was a major contributing factor, especially during the Great Recession (2008). And so that's one of the things that this study really shows us.

She and her colleagues collected data on suicides from every state.

However, he said, better records are being kept on suicide statistics.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and one of just three leading causes that are on the rise.

More than half of suicides in 2015 in a subgroup of 27 states were among people with no known mental health condition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found. Suicide is rarely caused by any single factor, health officials said, but information from coroners' reports suggest numerous deaths followed relationship problems, substance use and financial crises. In a subgroup of 27 states, including all six New England states, more than half the suicides in 2015 occurred among people with no known mental health condition.

"None of this is surprising information, which is not to trivialize its importance".

Rates varied widely across the country during the study period, from 6.9 per 100,000 residents per year killing themselves in Washington, D.C., to 29.2 per 100,000 residents in Montana - the highest in the country, followed by Alaska and Wyoming.

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New York City's Medical Examiner ruled fashion designer icon Kate Spade's death a suicide by hanging.

That means any public health effort to reduce suicides can't exclusively focus on those who have reached out for help. Habitual users of opioids were twice as likely to attempt suicide as people who did not use them.

The CDC report cites several different approaches, such as working to stabilize housing and teaching coping and problem-solving skills early in life. Asked whether that was a deliberate omission, because of the political climate surrounding gun control, Stone said that suicide rates have been increasing across all methods.

Firearm ownership is common, and Delaney said "the literature is getting pretty strong" that states with easier access to guns have higher suicide rates.

The CDC's prevention plan also stresses the need for community financial support for those in need. "The conversation about firearms and suicide doesn't have to be a debate about the Second Amendment". "When you're suicidal, you're not thinking about anybody else, and it's not because your selfish, it's because you're not well". Telling someone you care and want to help is always a good idea, and so is letting them do most of the talking about how they're feeling, without judging, shaming, or threatening.

Suicide rates in Vermont and New Hampshire are double that of MA. "There are some for youth, but they're very, very tiny", says Gebbia.

When someone is at risk of committing suicide, he said, treat the situation as a "CPR intervention" and get help right away.

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