Nero is back in Devil May Cry 5, out spring 2019

TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage

TheNerdMag E3 2018 Coverage

After years of waiting and many rumors, Capcom has finally announced Devil May Cry 5 and it looks absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible. Throughout the Devil May Cry series, the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil plays out through the lens of this supernatural family drama, as the Son of Sparda Dante, seeks vengeance for his brother's corruption and his mother's murder.

Almost 10 years after Devil May Cry 4, the next game will finally conclude the Sons of Sparda saga. Devil May Cry 5 isn't developed by Ninja Theory this time, it's back in Capcom's hands. He's now heading his own branch of the demon-hunting business Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 5 is coming in Spring 2019, 10 years after Devil May Cry 4, forgetting that reboot ever happened. Things must be settled once and for all. The announce trailer showed off some of Dante's new moves, including some that utilize his new metallic appendage.

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Devil May Cry 5 will feature three playable characters, each with their own brand of stylish combat they'll use to battle demons in a destructible environment.

First of all, we get an overview of the game with a description of what we can expect for this new chapter of the Devil May Cry series. Let us know in the comments below!

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