New Tesla Software to Offer 'full' Autonomy, Musk Says

New Tesla Software to Offer 'full' Autonomy, Musk Says

New Tesla Software to Offer 'full' Autonomy, Musk Says

With what Musk calls "full self-driving features" the vehicle will be able to drive itself.

The Tesla founder made the disclosure in a Twitter conversation, responding to a user who complained about issues with Autopilot, which is now considered semi-autonomous with the requirement that a motorist be at the wheel at all times.

The upgrade comes amid a storm of bad publicity for Tesla in recent months, after numerous crashes were linked to drivers using the Autopilot feature.

On Tesla's website, it describes upcoming features - including the ability for a vehicle to change lanes without driver input, move from one freeway to another, and exit a freeway near the driver's destination - that are not available in Autopilot's current iteration. In the final second before the crash, the vehicle, which was under control of the autopilot, accelerated from 62 to 70.8 miles per hour, while no evidence of pre-crash braking or evasive steering movement was detected. In the last six seconds, the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel.

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"It took the Joshua Brown death to make them take driver monitoring more seriously", Cummings said, referring to a fatal crash in Florida in 2016, during which a Tesla driving on Autopilot slammed into a semitrailer truck.

Autopilot costs an extra $5,000 as a feature on Tesla electric vehicles. Drivers can prepay another $3,000 on top of that for its "Full Self-Driving Capability" package, which the company advertises as "All you will need to do is get in and tell your auto where to go".

In a tweet posted Sunday, the CEO confirmed version 9 and said that previous versions of Autopilot have "rightly focused entirely on safety", but now it appears that the emphasis will be on refining and adding to the self-driving capabilities, which will eventually lead to a fully autonomous system.

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