Nintendo Update For Fortnite Appears On The Switch eShop

Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Update For Fortnite Appears On The Switch eShop

With Fortnite now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and iOS; the Switch is pretty much the last big platform to be missing a version of the game.

Sources from Kotaku added more fuel to the fire by backing up the claims plus Fortnite's appearance on the Korean game ratings board (GRAC) seemed to be the final confirmation that a Switch version is a done deal.

E3 2018 is just a few days away and it's rumored that Nintendo could make the announcement there.

The Nintendo Switch has several controller options available to it.

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SciresM on Twitter, well known in the Switch community for his work on a custom firmware for the console, found a listing on the eShop store that mentions Fortnite.

In the past, Nintendo Directs around E3 have focused on many different platforms. but if you're a 3DS or Labo fan, you may end up a little disappointed this year. Of course, you can never say that the game will definitely not come to the system on a smaller scale sometime in the future, but it happening anytime soon is very unlikely. However, with E3 officially kicking off this coming Saturday (9th of June) we'd be remiss not to think that Epic Games and Nintendo both have something up their sleeves. The video game, which was initially released in September 2017, has broken stream records and is earning millions for game developer Epic Games.

Something we might see at the show comes in the form of another version of Luigi's Mansion for the Switch - something we suspect after another classification has been filed by Nintendo last month.

Nintendo has not confirmed any of this but the information is really good news for those that have been waiting on a release. The company today announced its E3 presentation, which is where the announcement is most likely to take place.

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