On Twitter, Trump declares that the North Korea nuclear threat is over

On Twitter, Trump declares that the North Korea nuclear threat is over

On Twitter, Trump declares that the North Korea nuclear threat is over

"A lot has been made of the fact that the word "verifiable" didn't appear in the agreement", Pompeo said.

The mercurial Trump could also quickly shift his approach if he determines sufficient progress isn't being made.

Earlier on Monday, the group had unfurled banners near the Capella Singapore hotel in Sentosa, where the summit between United States President Donald Trump and Mr Kim was held on Tuesday.

The five-hour summit did give Trump and Kim a chance to express optimism and make of show of their new relationship.

Moon has championed engagement with the North, and the agreement's language on North Korea's nuclear program was similar to what the leaders of North and South Korea came up with at their own summit in April. That is because under the deal, the North retains its nuclear warheads, the missiles to launch them and has not agreed to any specific process to get rid of them.

Koichi Hagiuda, executive acting secretary-general of the ruling party, said he heard from Abe that Kim did not repeat North Korea's claim that the issue involving Japanese citizens abducted by North Korean agents in the 1970s and 1980s had been resolved.

"The World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe!" Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapons received tacit support from Washington, which saw it as providing a guarantee of safety in a volatile region.

Trump was also accused of being overly flattering is his language toward Kim, who leads one of the most repressive governments in the world, after saying the North Korean leader was a "talented man" who "loves his country very much".

"We're going to get denuclearization".

Pompeo has to determine whether Kim left Singapore with a different understanding of what he agreed to, whether Pyongyang is looking to extract additional concessions from Washington through its public pronouncements, or whether it is simply trying to score a propaganda victory.

Clinton reached an aid-for-disarmament deal in 1994 that halted North Korea's plutonium production for eight years, freezing what was then a very small atomic arsenal.

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"Absolutely. you used the term major, major disarmament, something like that?"

The Facts: He's wrong in suggesting his administration is the first to start on denuclearization with North Korea.

Recent analysis by Chinese scholars and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs both indicate that Beijing foresees a strengthened role for China as a strategic powerbroker in the Trump-Kim agreement.

"Countries like Iran and Cuba and other two-bit rogue regimes don't have nuclear weapons, yet", Cotton told Hugh Hewitt.

North Korea's neighbors have grown accustomed to living with a nuclear North Korea.

USA critics of the deal said it was short on details and that Trump had made too many concessions to Kim, especially the US leader's unexpected announcement that the United States is ending its military exercises with South Korea, long an irritant to North Korea.

But Trump said in a post-summit news conference that he had raised the matter.

"You're talking about a very complex subject".

If Kim's nuclear program becomes globally accepted as a menace to maintain rather than eliminate, the precedent could be unsafe for non-proliferation, said Lewis.

"I brought it up absolutely and they are going to be working on that", Trump said.

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