Police Officer Fired After Traffic Stop Involving His Daughter’s Boyfriend

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The incident took place April 16, when officer pulled over a vehicle driven by 18-year-old Makai Coleman. The footage showed that Kovach did not tell dispatch that he pulled over a auto.

Investigators say Kovach did not initially realize that his daughter was in the back seat of the auto he pulled over. Have a seat in my vehicle.

"We'll make **** up as we go", he tells the boyfriend as he puts him in the cruiser.

Investigators say Kovach did not initially realize that his daughter was a back-seat passenger in the auto that he pulled over.

Afterwards he spoke with his daughter on the phone and she told her father "If I can't be with him, I don't want to be here anymore", which he took to be a suicidal threat. This doesn't sit well with the cop, however, so he threatens to give her daughter a $300 citation for not wearing a seat belt. Before he sees her, he gets into an argument with Gloria Morales, whose two children were in Coleman's vehicle and whose house was right in front of where the incident occurred. That's when he finally notices his own daughter in the backseat. His ex-wife told authorities she came home one day to find Katlyn and Coleman engaged in sexual conduct, and when she asked the young man to leave, he threatened her.

During the incident, Kovach ignores an emergency call he receives about a road rage incident. A crying Katlyn protests, stating she can't be arrested without a reason.

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The police officer pulled the vehicle over without alerting dispatch and told Coleman to get out of the auto because he's "going to jail".

Dashcam video shows Kovach walking over to the driver door and opening it.

Morales reported the incident to police, and an officer was sent out to investigate later that day. "We are equally concerned about the rights of our citizens to whom we are sworn to serve and protect".

The investigation reportedly found that Kovach violated the department's policies by initiating the traffic stop without cause and failing to inform dispatch; for threatening to arrest Morales; for taking Coleman into custody and saying he would make up cause; and for using his police authority to locate his daughter. "Per his request, we have done so for him, as such it is not correct to state 'naturally the union is appealing the decision'".

Kovach's reported reasoning for the warrants? Morales tells him she isn't there and if he wants to search her house, to get a warrant.

Kovach was looking for his daughter because of a conversation they had a week prior to the traffic stop, he believed she was suicidal and wanted to take her to a hospital to seek treatment. An initial grievance filed on May 11 seeking immediate reinstatement was denied on May 18. It's now in the arbitration stage, according to the Morning Journal. "We do not intend to try this discharge case in the media".

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