Robert de Niro publicly insulted trump and received an ovation

Bruce Springsteen performing at the Tony Awards

Bruce Springsteen performing at the Tony Awards

As he took to the stage in NY to introduce a performance by Bruce Springsteen, the Oscar winning screen icon began a furious attack on the US President.

It all started when De Niro introduced a Bruce Springsteen performance at the awards show.

As a result, the 74-year-old's words were censored on U.S. TV. What the Oscar victor had said was, "I'm going to say this: F*** Trump". "It's no longer 'Down with Trump, ' it's 'f-k Trump'".

A month later during the opening night of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, De Niro referred to Trump as the "lowlife-in-chief", HuffPost reported. "Larry Kudlow looked like he was drunk yesterday morning on CNN, saying that Trudeau stabbed Trump in the back", De Niro said.

In 2016, when Trump was the Republican presidential candidate, De Niro slammed him as "blatantly stupid", "totally nuts" and an "idiot".

"I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president, " De Niro said in Toronto while attending a ground-breaking ceremony for a new luxury restaurant and hotel complex.

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She then added that De Niro's comments were 'gross'.

Meanwhile, Mark Hamill clearly loved it.

His remarks were met with a standing ovation from Broadway artists and Hollywood insiders at New York's Radio City Music Hall. "It's "The Emperor's New Clothes" - the guy is a f***ing fool ... our baby-in-chief - the "J******-in-chief" I call him".

Joss Whedon seemed to agree: 'THIS IS HOW YOU TALK ABOUT FASCISTS.

"Robert De Niro is my favorite rapper", artist Ferrari Sheppard jokingly tweeted.

There may not be any angels in America, but according to De Niro there's at least one devil.

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