Same-sex couple accuse Uber driver of kicking them out for kissing

Same-sex couple accuse Uber driver of kicking them out for kissing

Same-sex couple accuse Uber driver of kicking them out for kissing

A lesbian couple in New York City said they were booted from an Uber over the weekend for sharing a "peck kiss" in the backseat.

In a statement, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) described the driver's alleged behavior as "blatantly discriminatory" and "repugnant", WABC reported. The couple had called the Uber to take them from Gowanus to the East Village, and it was just over the Manhattan Bridge when they say the incident began. "At one point we leaned over and pecked kiss, very fast". "That's genuinely all it was".

"You don't do that here in the auto".

"We were sitting on opposite sides of the vehicle", Iovine said.

When Iovine presses him to explain why they're being ousted, Elbotari says "it's disrespectful". As a passenger, if you need to make a phone call, keep your voice down to avoid disturbing your driver or other riders. "You don't do that".

A confrontation between an uber driver and a same-sex couple was recorded on video.

One of the outraged women then questions the driver, saying, "What are you f***ing talking about? You don't do that here in the vehicle".

They say Ahmad El Boutari forced them out.

After some back and forth, El Boutari apparently grabbed Pichl by the arm to get her phone.

Alex Iovine, 26, and her girlfriend Emma Pichl, 24, say they were headed from one birthday party to another in New York City when they requested the ride-hailing service.

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We were sitting on opposite sides of the seat. He said they played loud videos on their phones and that one of the women put her feet up on the seats.

"It's my own vehicle".

Iovine told the Daily News they didn't behave inappropriately. "He yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips".

El Boutari added that he would have acted similarly if it had been a straight couple, though he admitted that he has "less tolerance" for same-sex couples. "They reportedly have been refunded the cost of the $22 ride". Both Uber and TLC are investigating the incident. "I think we are going to steer clear of Uber for a bit", Pichl said.

The driver has since been suspended from using the app, with the company revealing it does not tolerate discrimination.

"I think they don't belong driving period", Khosrowshahi told The Post in a wide-ranging interview Monday, referring to the Saturday incident which was partially caught on video.

The couple questioned him about his decision and asked him why they were not allowed to kiss.

"It's an unfortunate circumstance and we will do everything we can for that not to repeat".

But Iovine said that was not true.

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