See How Pete Davidson's Ex Girlfriends Responded to Ariana Grande Engagement Bombshell

Ariana Grande Is Engaged To Comedian Pete Davidson After Just One Month Of Dating

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson engaged; Looney Tunes return; Kimmel vs Ted Cruz: Buzz

News of the United States singer dating the comedian came less than two weeks after she announced she had broken up with rapper Mac Miller.

But instead of coming right out and slamming the new (and we mean new) couple directly, Cazzie David and Carly Aquilino did what any hurt millennial would do in their situation - they appeared to mope on social media.

If you spend time on the Internet, chances are you've been thinking of pretty much nothing but Ariana Grande for the past 24 hours.

"It's a recent engagement".

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Grande's boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is known for his role on the United States sketch show Saturday Night Live, recently got two tattoos of Ariana, with her initials on his fingers and the bunny ears logo associated with her on his neck. "They're just two people who found love quickly and make each other happy all the time", a source close to the couple told People.

She also responded positively to a fan on Twitter who reminded her that Davidson is not only marrying her, but her army of fans (aka "Arianators") too. What is even more shocking is that the two of them announced their engagement 20 days after confirming their relationship.

Ariana responded to the fan, "HAHAHAHAHAHH HES BEEN BRIEFED", which many are taking as an official confirmation of the engagement news. "She later said that the relationship was "toxic" and she did not want to continue to be a 'baby-sitter".

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