STRANGER THINGS Prequel Novel, and Other Books, Are Coming!

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Expanding upon its Stranger Things universe, the streaming service is teaming up with publisher Penguin Random House on a worldwide publishing deal for a series of books based on the Duffer Brothers popular show, Deadline reported.

Another book, a prequel due out in early 2019, will tell the story of Eleven's mother and how the MKUltra experiments led to Eleven being born with her abilities.

Stranger Things is coming to your local bookstore!

The first two titles of the new series will hit stores this Fall, and will be a behind-the-scenes companion book and a hardcover gift book for young readers.

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Based on Stranger Things the Netflix show, Eleven's mom was a participant in the United States government's MKUltra program, a real program often made the source of both conspiracies and fictional work. According to Deadline, the show is now being fixed to be turned into a book that will come out this Fall.

It's about Eleven's mother Terry and her intersection with the MKUltra program and you're going to get to know and love her in a whole new way.

In April, Netflix announced the start of production for the third season of Stranger Things, though not much is known about the upcoming season except that it will feature a time hop from season two and pick up in 1985. They will reportedly target both younger and adult readers. You can find a primer on what we know about Eleven's mom here.

The Stranger Things books will initially release under the US and British Commonwealth publishing teams of Del Rey Books, Random House Children's Books, Cornerstone Publishing, and Penguin Random House Children's United Kingdom, with additional territories and imprints to follow.

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