Tesla to close at least 13 solar installation offices in nine states

Tesla Said to Close a Dozen Solar Factories in the US

Tesla to close at least 13 solar installation offices in nine states

A machine used for paper recycling caught fire Thursday night at Tesla Inc's (TSLA.O) Fremont, California, campus, outside the company's vehicle production factory, but manufacturing was not affected, the company said. Specifically, Tripp claims that Tesla shipped punctured batteries with the Model 3, that the Model 3 is unsafe as a result, and that Musk has been busy lying to investors.

Tesla would not say if it planned to launch more legal action against any current or former employees.

But Tripp, who says he became a whistleblower after seeing what he called unsafe conditions in the companys vehicle batteries, told The Washington Post he had said no such thing. Musk called on workers to "be extremely vigilant" and said, "There are a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die".

Tripp, attorneys wrote, also gave journalists false information about the company, including claims that defective batteries had been used in Tesla's Model 3 sedans.

The Friday statement went on to say that Tripp "grossly exaggerated" the level of waste that he observed while at the Gigafactory.

Eish, Elon Musk is really going in hard on the poor bugger, who had to seek official protection as a whistleblower. "That's still ~40 people". According to Techcrunch, Tesla could sue the defendant for up to $1 million for any alleged data theft. His superiors are said to have had issues with the process technician's job performance and his sometimes disruptive and combative attitude with colleagues. Ultimately, the company seeks damages for these claimed actions, in addition to a court injunction preventing other parties from using the data Tripp allegedly transferred to them.

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Because of Tripp's conduct, lawyers said, Tesla had suffered "cruel and unjust hardship" and "lost business, lost profits and damage to its goodwill". Tripp fired back and said putting unsafe cars on the road is being a "horrible human being".

As of Friday evening, Tesla had not filed any other similar lawsuits against anyone else besides Tripp. "Don't worry, you have what's coming to you for the lies you have told to the public and investors", Tripp wrote.

I suggested that instead of building any auto, it would be more fun for tour-goers, who are mostly Tesla owners, to help build a part of their own vehicle. "I was always drooling about the Teslas and wanting to buy one", he told the Post, saying he saw the company as a "golden opportunity".

Regarding the end of the partnership with Home Depot, the move is part of a strategy to make SolarCity's business an organic part of Tesla, including selling its products via Tesla stores and the company's website. He added, "I wanted to leave the world better for my son".

He said he did not share the information to hurt Tesla but to shine a light on potential dangers.

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