Tesla to get ‘full self-driving feature’ in August

Elon Musk

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The V9 update may technically make drivers safer, but Telsa and other makers of autonomous vehicles appear to still have a way to go in building public trust in self-driving vehicles.

Musk has said the new Roadster's intention is to prove an electric auto can outperform high-end gas-powered cars on any performance metric. As he states, it's "prob wise for many reasons", such as not having kids in the back of a rocket-propelled hypercar.

"Not saying the next gen Roadster special upgrade package *will* definitely enable it to fly short hops, but maybe...", Musk later added.

The rocket boosters take the form of a "sophisticated bottle" that fires bursts of high-pressure air out the back of the sports auto, the electric-transport news site adds.

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The next-gen Roadster was unveiled by Tesla Motors at an event held in November 2017; with its production likely to commence in 2020.

Unlike the Model 3, the Tesla Roadster isn't created to try to replace our cheaper petrol cars with EVs. The additions are promised to dramatically improve acceleration for the already insanely fast Roadster, which will be able to zip from standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds sans "rocket" boost.

The company wouldn't elaborate on exactly what the features are, by the way, but we'd suggest they'll take better advantage of the Enhanced Autopilot suite listed on the Tesla website. "The point of all this is just to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars". That's not as fast the Koenigsegg Agera S, but with that acceleration, I don't think anyone will mind.

There's no denying the Tesla Roadster's incredible performance, but the timing of the vehicle is just as interesting as the technology inside it. Production delays mean Tesla has been on the back foot and depending on your confidence in the company, the Tesla Roadster can be seen as a fightback or a decoy.

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