The Best Use for Elon Musk's 'Not-a-Flamethrower' Is Crème Brûlée

Elon Musk's flamethrowers do not use a mixture of flammable liquids to launch flames great distances, like its military counterparts. This weekend's event only distributed the first 1,000, but as more and more get out into circulation, we'll inevitably see a lot more interesting things being burned - and probably a few unexpected things as well.

Twitter user @SPPhotonic mentioned California fire hazards,"Did Nobody tell you that fire Hazards in California are not a joke?"

Elon Musk hinted at the Boring Company's plans to launch a "freezegun" in a tweet back in January. At $500 each, the flamethrowers brought in $10 million.

Thousands more of the contraptions will be shipped out in the weeks ahead, Musk said. "What the dystopian f*****ck??" and "Which stage of capitalism is lighting a baby on fire?"

OK, so calling it a "Not a Flamethrower" may not be the most poetic way to refer to the $500 flame-throwing device - the Boring Co. took 20,000 pre-orders - but Musk isn't the most conventional of chief executives.

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As the promotional device started to land with customers, Musk posted a safety warning to customers on Twitter, stating: 'Please use as directed to avoid unintentionally burning things down. Even Musk has suggested doing things with them that violate the agreement.

As such, Musk and SpaceX engineer Steve Davis thought that it would be a much better idea to do custom deliveries of the flamethrowers for those that had purchased them, according to Teslarati.

KitGuru Says: At the very least, Musk is allowing himself to run wild with his ideas in the Boring Company and there's no telling what the mad man genius will end up doing next.

Meanwhile, YouTube vlogger Justine Ezarik accidently burned down parts of her backyard while filming videos demonstrating how to cook with the machine. This guy managed to do both of those in one video. Others have tried to cook everything from steaks to Crème brûlée with them.

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