Top Rank on ESPN+: Crawford vs. Horn Results

Top Rank on ESPN+: Crawford vs. Horn Results

Top Rank on ESPN+: Crawford vs. Horn Results

"Terence Crawford, you're a great fighter".

That's just the start. Despite some uglier than usual trash talk from the American camp during the lead-up, Horn was dignified and gracious in defeat, confirming his status as one of nicest guys in boxing, which is in little danger of becoming over-populated with that species.

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But where does the American rank in our top 10 pound-for-pound list? He suspects it was deliberate.

"I think he could have gone on for another round or two and it would have been nice to see what would have happened with a bit more tiredness in Crawford".

"I suppose someone's dodgied up the scales for us". There was a bit of play with the scales. There is, however, every reason for him to think hard about the pros and cons of going back to square one and attempting to blast his way back into world title contention again. "We're going to have Bud [Crawford] fight as many times as he and BoMac [Crawford trainer Brian McIntyre] want".

Crawford was comfortably under the weight at 146.5lb on his first try. I was way stronger than him. "He put his shoes on to look taller".

A full year of aging, and the loss of Freddie Roach will do nothing to make him any better than he was that night. "Jeff Horn and Terence Crawford will go down in history for the fight that pioneered this changeover in direction to consumer sports entertainment".

"He was hard to tag, and he just kept me guessing", Horn said.

"Top Rank had a set of scales that they provided in the dressing room and they said they were definitely right, " Rushton said.

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Crawford stated his intention to unify the division, saying: "We want them all [the belts]".

"Jeff is very calm".

"I really wanted to press forward".

Crawford flashed a smile at Arum and said, "Let's get that money". Many still believe that Horn's victory over Pacquiao to capture the title in Australia in July 2017 was a case of inaccurate scorecards.

Unbeaten Terence Crawford punished Jeff Horn en route to a ninth-round technical knockout on Saturday to seize the Australian's World Boxing Organization welterweight world title. So you wouldn 't blame him for giving serious consideration to the pros and cons of taking the money, and his health, and living happily ever after, knowing that Australian sports fans will always have a soft spot for the story of the determined kid who got sick of being bullied at school and chose to learn to fight back and went all the way to the top of the world.

"Doesn't mean anything. He has made weight. You need a mentor, you need someone that has done the work and felt the feelings to bring the best out in you", Rushton said. Considered by many as boxing's best pound-for-pound fighter, Crawford relinquished the four major belts he held in the junior welterweight division to move up to a stacked welterweight division.

Asked about the weigh-in drama, Horn hinted all was not right with the scales provided.

Jeff Horn weighs in heavy yesterday.

Horn, while tough and gritty as usual, was never even remotely in the fight. Horn was clipped early but came back strong.

"We tried it on the main scales in the room - obviously they've got it wrong up there because we were way under on our scales", Horn said.

Horn has traditionally struggled to make weight. I am going to be faster.

"Glenn's my rock, he mentally prepares me for the fights".

Maybe stronger than anybody in the weight class. Punching angles, versatility and hand speed have been a pretty well-known part of the Crawford skillset for a long time.

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