Uber may try to outbid Lyft to buy Ford GoBike owner

Uber Scooter Program

Uber may try to outbid Lyft to buy Ford GoBike owner

However, only five of the applicants will be granted a permit by the city, with a decision expected by the end of the month.

Under the city's guidelines, only five companies will be given permits to operate 500 scooters each within San Francisco. Uber confirmed that the company's next move is scooters, and San Francisco will be Uber's next market.

Uber applied for the permit through Jump, an electric-bike sharing provider it acquired in April.Uber's CEO recently said he envisions his company going beyond auto sharing and into bikes, and possibly scooters, so people have more commuting options.

Lyft has been in talks with officials of San Francisco city to discuss possible permit through applications and has proposed some prototypes as at last month according to TechCrunch.

On June 1 it was reported that rival ride-hailing company Lyft was close to a deal to buy the Citi Bike operator - which also runs the Ford GoBike program in Detroit. Our traditional bikes are versatile and easy to ride; our e-scooters will be terrific for shorter, zipier trips around cities; and our e-bikes are ideal for longer trips and hilly terrains.

"As part of their permit application, companies must demonstrate how they will minimize their impact on San Francisco's sidewalks, while maximizing their transparency to the public", the SFMTA explained in how it'll choose which applicants will receive the permits.

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Uber is applying for a scooter permit in San Francisco, the news website Axios first reported Thursday.

Vehicle ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft are looking to diversify.

Preference will be given to companies that can ensure their customers properly ride and park the scooters on streets and sidewalks. Startups such as Bird, Lime and Spin have begun scooter-sharing businesses around the Bay Area.

Uber has declined to comment on the report from Axios so we'll just have to wait and see how this one pans out.

Of these 12 companies, only six are known to make or operate electric scooters - Bird, Lime, Spin, Uscooter, Skip and Razor.

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