Uber to provide cash incentives to some drivers who switch to EVs

Uber Will Start Paying Drivers Extra to Switch to Electric Vehicles

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"Uber's goals are to increase the total number of electric miles driven by Uber drivers and ultimately reduce the number of vehicles on the road", Jimenez said.

In Quebec, EV drivers who use the Uber app will be offered a free AVEQ membership, which includes opportunities for reduced insurance premium alongside the chance to share their views and advocate for policies that best serve their needs.

The ride-hailing company won't build charging stations, but it will provide "direct monetary incentives" to electric-car drivers in certain cities. It is part of the carbon offsetting program and already has 100,000 EVs on its app. Uber tracked about 4 million EV rides in the USA and Canada in 2017.

Giovanni Circella, director of the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, said "EV Champions brings together two of today's transportation revolutions: clean electric vehicles and shared-use mobility". "While they love not paying for gas and being a part of automotive innovation, they also face challenges in losing fare-earning time to charge their vehicles, accessing adequate fast-charging stations in urban areas, and getting affordable access to higher mileage EVs".

In San Diego, Uber will be providing a $1 per trip incentive for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Drivers get access to education and resources that can help them find every available rebate or other incentive program (not just federal level tax credits).

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Next comes the most essential in-app features that compensate concerns like range anxiety of the drivers and more.

Uber also added a 30-minute trip notification to its app so that drivers know a longer trip may be in store before picking up a passenger. The program expands on previous pilots conducted in Portland, Oregon and Pittsburgh.

As part of the new electric initiative, the company has produced a new video for EV drivers that provides basic information about driving EVs in the North America.

Lupe Jimenez manages electric transportation for SMUD and says the new partnership has several objectives.

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