Val Kilmer joins 'Top Gun' sequel



Last month, Tom Cruise confirmed that he was coming back for the Top Gun sequel, Maverick.

Joseph Kosinski is directing Top Gun: Maverick from a script by Eric Warren Singer, Peter Craig and Justin Marks.

In fact, no one even knows if Iceman, real name Tom Kazansky, will still feel the same way about Maverick as he did at the end of the original, when he told him, "You can be my wingman anytime".

It seemed insane that anyone might make a sequel to 1986's Top Gun without including Val Kilmer's Iceman, but then again, it seemed insane that anyone might make a sequel to 1986's Top Gun after Tony Scott died, and look where that assumption got us. As a hotshot, dedicated, but at times reckless, Maverick grows and learns the value of teamwork.

Kilmer joins Tom Cruise in the film.

The film was later parodied in the 1991 spoof Hot Shots! with Charlie Sheen and Cary Elwes as his rival.

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The original synth composer Harold Faltermeyer, who was behind the scores for such '80s pics as "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Fletch", is also back.

Oh, and Kenny Loggins has also come out of nowhere to say he'd love to work with someone on re-inventing "Danger Zone" for the sequel too.

Paramount declined to comment on the news.

Iceman's role in the new film has not been revealed, but the story line for the Top Gun sequel follows Cruise's Maverick character as he mentors a new generation of young U.S. Navy fighter pilots.

Are you looking forward to Top Gun: Maverick?

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