Warkentin reacts to Kinder Morgan

Hibernia Oil

Hibernia Oil

For his part, Trudeau rejected the idea, accusing the Conservatives of raising "old news" because they were embarrassed that they couldn't get pipelines built when they were in government.

Fat chance. Does anyone other than Prime Minister Selfie truly believe Ottawa can find a buyer where Kinder Morgan could not?

Kinder Morgan has been steering efforts to triple the capacity of a pipeline to Canada's west coast amid bitter provincial divisions.

In the meantime, the move serves to alienate both the political left and right by simultaneously steamrolling environmental and First Nations interests, and by providing a huge taxpayer subsidy to acquire the massive risk of an unpopular infrastructure project.

Instead, they got delay after delay, and no plan to see them through to completing the project.

The Government of Canada has agreed to purchase the controversial Kinder Morgan Canada Trans Mountain Pipeline system and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, TMEP, for C$4.5 billion. "We're seeking the ensure the project gets done, but we will always try and make sure the project presents a fair situation for Canadians", he said.

Seahawks' Russell Wilson, Ciara invest in effort to bring Major League Baseball to Portland
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"This change in protester tactics results in no repercussions for those persons breaching the injunction order (including those blocking access), but has a significant impact on RCMP resources", LaFreniere said.

The government's purchase price is reasonable if broken down into $3.5 billion for the existing pipeline and $1 billion to recoup money already spent on the expansion, said Richard Masson, former CEO of the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission and a fellow at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy.

"Even if the federal government restarts work on the expansion, there's no guarantee that the political and legal conflict will end".

He added the purchasing consortium should also include an established pipeline company such as TransCanada Corp. or Enbridge Inc.to look after operations.

It says the company has a great deal of capital available, given Ottawa's cash deal and the plan of its 70 per cent owner, Houston-based Kinder Morgan, Inc., to spend more than $15 billion in overall growth capital over the next five years. After all, numerous faces devising federal pipeline, energy and environmental policy now were once employed at Queen's Park devising Ontario's disastrous - utterly disastrous - "green" energy policy.

Notley said interest from a variety of groups is to be expected in the pipeline and she doesn't doubt, in the spirit of reconciliation, the federal government will consider business proposals from Indigenous groups. "That would be my criticism".

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