What Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un signed during summit in Singapore

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President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un concluded an extraordinary nuclear summit Tuesday with the USA president pledging unspecified "security guarantees" to the North and Kim recommitting to the "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula". Now, with Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un, the tables have been turned.

Trump said he urged Kim and other North Korean officials to watch a four-minute video produced before the Singapore summit.

Geng dismissed accusations from Trump that Beijing has been easing up on the sanctions, saying it is following United Nations sanctions "comprehensively, accurately and strictly".

As the president explained it, the video was an elevator pitch - the sort of glitzy production that Trump might have once used to persuade an investor to finance a hotel and that he now hopes will persuade the leader of one of the most repressive regimes in the world to end almost 70 years of worldwide isolation and militant hostility to the United States.

Lee, State Department's interpreting services division chief, has been an "unsung hero" in negotiations with both North and South Korea for years, Frank Aum, a North Korea expert at the U.S. Institute for Peace at Johns Hopkins University, told TIME.

In addition to their talks, the two leaders also signed an agreement on Tuesday that will commit the United States to providing certain security measures if the Korean peninsula is stripped of all nuclear weapons. "I'm very open-minded to security agreements and to economic incentives to North Korea".

There have been plenty of talking points from the historic summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. US President Donald Trump arrived at the venue just 60 seconds before the summit was to begin.

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In the run-up to Tuesday's historic face-to-face with Kim, Trump had appeared unconcerned about the implications of feting an authoritarian leader accused by the US of ordering the public assassination of his half brother with a nerve agent, executing his uncle by firing squad and presiding over a notorious gulag estimated to hold 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners. Kim, for his part, said the leaders had "decided to leave the past behind" and promised: "The world will see a major change".

Pressed during a news conference about North Korea's brutal rule, including the killings of Kim's uncle and half-brother and the malnutrition of its people, Trump reiterated that he thinks the 34-year-old dictator is "talented". The former refers to dismantling North Korea's nuclear weapon capability, while the latter can include the eventual elimination of the USA nuclear umbrella on the Korean Peninsula.

Yet Trump and Kim have yet to agree even on how to define denuclearization of the Korean peninsula - the stated goal of the meeting. "We stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune".

"Think of it from the real estate prospective".

Signatures of the two leaders on the summit document. "At the end of the day, this is our last best chance to end this conflict without a war". "But the President said he expected immediate action as a result of the talks".

Efforts by previous presidents committed Pyongyang to far more detailed and specific restrictions, though the deals all ultimately failed. "If diplomacy doesn't move in the right direction, sanctions will increase".

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