2nd solar eclipse of the year today

A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes through the Moon's shadow.

A solar eclipse is one of the grandest spectacles of nature where the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, blocking out the sun's disk completely.

If you live on the south-eastern coast of Australia or Tasmania you'll be able to witness a partial solar eclipse, an event not seen on a Friday the 13th in 44 years. Unfortunately the mainland USA won't be privy to any of these astronomical spectacles. This partial eclipse's duration will be one hour 4 minutes. Sadly, not everyone will be lucky to witness the partial solar eclipse as it will be only visible from the southeastern coast of Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand's Stewart Island, as well as the northern coast of Antarctica. The eclipse would not be visible to many; those inhabiting the Pacific and Indian Oceans would be able to see the eclipse better. Eyewear is not required to look at lunar eclipse. This is the second solar eclipse of the year, the last solar eclipse of 2018 is said to occur on 11th of August.

To avoid eye damage, experts say everyone should wear special solar glasses or use darkened welder's glass when looking at the Sun.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

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Scientists and astronomers advise that it is unsafe to see solar eclipse through naked eyes and it can also damage the vision.

According to experts the intake of food, do's and dont's during an eclipse differ too.

The solar eclipse of 2018 is an event to look out for only because it falls on Friday the 13th. According to NASA, there has not been a solar eclipse on Friday the 13th since December 13, 1974.

After the eclipse, many people take a bath to purify themselves and change into fresh clothes.

A picturesque blood moon is all set to light the sky once again next month and according to doomsday preachers it will be the end of the world. The blood moon is estimated to last over 100 minutes and is expected to cast a larger shadow over the Earth than previously recorded moons.

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