After Trump's spending demands, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit turns to Afghanistan

NATO Alliance Summit in Brussels

After Trump's spending demands, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit turns to Afghanistan

"No holds barred, no subjects off limits", the "Fox News Sunday" anchor said on "America's Newsroom".

Macron said he did not believe it was necessarily a good idea to raise the target for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members' defense spending to 4 percent of GDP from 2 percent, as Trump has suggested. "Obviously, that deadline is six years away, and a handful of those countries have reached that goal".

"He suggested that countries not only meet their commitment of 2 percent of their GDP on defense spending, but that they increase it to 4 percent", Sarah Sanders told reporters.

Naturally, sharing the burden of defense spending is high on the agenda. The trend is positive. "I would imagine that President Trump will be well prepared by the National Security Council and all of his people, knowing that dealing with Putin, who will be ultra-prepared, tough, ruthless. not want to give nothing".

Like Joe Scarborough on MSNBC this morning, he also compared European defense spending to the objects of Trump's enamor, China and Russian Federation. "And, as long as Russian Federation persists in its efforts to undermine our interests and values, we must continue to deter and counter them". Trump means them ill and therefore in many ways he's more risky than Putin.

"They are not free loaders", said Smith.

Also present was France's President Emmanuel Macron, who tried this year to charm Mr Trump into more harmonious transatlantic relationship, only to see the USA president withdraw from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal and impose tariffs on European goods.

"We should first get to 2 pct", NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, adding that eight of the 29 allies were meeting that target, while others had a plan to do - turning a leaf on years of defense budget cuts.

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Burns said "He's making our friends out to be our enemies and treating our enemies", a line that Smith repeated for emphasis.

Under fire for his warm embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin, Mr. Trump on Wednesday turned a harsh spotlight on Germany's own ties to Russian Federation, alleging that a natural gas pipeline venture with Moscow has left Angela Merkel's government "totally controlled" and "captive" to Russian Federation.

Trump said Germany agreed to accelerate its military spending increases. "After the attacks of 9/11, we called on Germany's leadership to send troops to fight with us in Afghanistan".

According to NATO, American defense spending is down to 3.5 percent this year from an estimated 3.57 percent last year. "When our soldiers and airmen are maimed and mauled in combat, they're regularly flown to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany. Have limbs amputated there".

As for what he and Putin will discuss, Trump said Syria will be a main topic - as will Russia's attempts to interfere in the 2016 election that put Trump in the White House. Earlier this year, Stoltenberg said the country's "dangerous behavior" included "the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea, the destabilization of eastern Ukraine, meddling in democratic processes, cyberattacks, and disinformation".

"He better know the right Russian psyche", said Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard C. Shelby.

"He may deny it, it's one of those things".

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