Apple Is Releasing 70 New Emoji Including One for Redheads

Here are the 70 new emoji coming to iOS

Apple unveils new emoji on World Emoji Day - news

The unveiling marked an early start to Tuesday's World Emoji Day, a four-year-old holiday that celebrates the popular, wee cartoons.

Among the new batch, Apple plans to finally, finally add redheads to the roster of human emoji, along with bald heads, grey hair and curly hair - so it's quite an update for hair (or lack thereof). These will be accompanied with a lobster, peacock, parrot, and other colorful animals in addition to new food options like lettuce, a mango, and a cupcake.

Plus, new smiley faces, gender-neutral characters and more clothing options will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac later this year.

In a time when nearly every day is some sort of a weird holiday, including such stand-outs as National Lumpy Rug Day and National Ampersand Day (yes, these do exist), would you be surprised to find out that there's also World Emoji Day?

Here are the 70 new emoji coming to iOS

We expect the new emoji to arrive alongside iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and watchOS 5 in September. Apple has been touting new emoji for iOS 12 ahead of World Emoji Day which takes place tomorrow July 17th.

While Animoji allowed users to animate the facial expressions of emojis, Memoji will give you the ability to create a custom emoji that would look just like you. Apple says they will be included when the update rolls out.

To embrace World Emoji Day, Apple has also changed the faces of its leadership team to emojis of themselves.

But while all of the executives are more or less recognizable, there's one top Apple figure whose Memoji likeness is just a little. off.

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