Artist with no arms 'stabbed man by grabbing scissors with his feet'

A homeless Florida man with no arms has been charged with stabbing a Chicago tourist

A homeless Florida man with no arms has been charged with stabbing a Chicago tourist

The Florida native clutched the scissors with his feet and knifed 22-year-old Cesar Coronado twice before running away, according to the arrest report.

Crenshaw has an extensive criminal past, including battery of law enforcement officers, according to local police.

But Tuesday, the 46-year-old transient artist was arrested and accused of stabbing a Miami tourist with a pair of scissors.

Crenshaw, who told police he acted in self-defense, was being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

Crenshaw, 46, told police he was lying down when the tourist approached him and punched him in the head.

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Crenshaw's arrest record dates to 2008 and lists arrests for disorderly intoxication, vandalism, and battery on police officers, firefighters and city code inspectors. He then tucked the scissors in his waistband and walked away.

Jonathan Crenshaw was often seen on the streets of South Beach painting canvas with his brush between his toes.

Coronado told investigators he stopped to ask Crenshaw for directions before he jumped up and stabbed him. That's when the suspect, identified as Jonathan Crenshaw, 47, pulled out an unknown object and stabbed the male.

Coronado, who was visiting Florida from Chicago, suffered a wound to his left arm and officers found him lying on the ground bleeding, according to WPLG.

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