Chicago Bears should consider these Supplemental Draft prospects

Scouting Sam Beal What the Giants are getting in their supplemental draft pick

Scouting Sam Beal What the Giants are getting in their supplemental draft pick

Most years, there's not even a single player picked in the annual mid-summer draft, but this year, a few defensive backs are not only eligible but they're turning heads with Western Michigan's Sam Beal being the prized lot of them all.

Despite being high in the draft order, the Broncos were awarded no players.

Teams then can make anonymous bids on players based on how high a draft pick they're willing to give up. Battle has bounced around from the Rams to the Chiefs to the Seahawks Fbut has yet to see action in a regular-season game.

Brandon Bryant didn't have to wait long to be acquired after being passed over in Wednesday's supplemental draft.

The supplemental draft is a bit complex.

I have not studied Carter as of this point, but he is a two-year starter who made the most of his limited reps, earning first-team All-GLIAC honors in both years. Each team in the National Football League gets split up into three groups depending on how their season played out.

Indianapolis is one of four teams reported to have met with Alexandria.

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Things could be different this year, with three players projected as potential picks.

Technically, Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal is not a member of next year's draft class.

A trade could nip that situation in the bud, make the situation right in terms of putting him on a team to start as well as creating the roster space to carry Beal.

Following the 2018 NFL Draft, the Giants signed Penn State's Grant Haley as an undrafted rookie free agent to pair with veterans such as B.W. Webb, Teddy Williams, and William Gay, who likely very find themselves on the bubble following the pick of Beal. That was a shame because it would have been the second selection of that round, number 57 overall. In 1988, Minnesota used a fifth-round draft pick to acquire SC wide receiver Ryan Bethea and haven't utilized the system to add another player since.

The Browns learned of their draft order shortly before the draft started at 1 p.m.

Teams can submit bids for players in a sort of silent auction. If a player is not selected in the first round, the process repeats in the second round, and so on. Gordon has been very productive when on the field but has missed huge portions of his career due to off-field issues; he returned to the field previous year after sitting out almost three seasons. The Giants twice before dipped into this draft to take a player, selecting quarterback Dave Brown in the first round in 1992 and safety Tito Wooten in the fourth round in 1994. He chose to return to school, but at the start of spring practice he was suspended indefinitely, and later declared for the Supplemental Draft. Sometimes, these prospects just missed the deadline for paperwork for the spring's draft, but typically some other kind of circumstance leads to the decision (academic ineligibility, off-field issues, etc.).

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