Conservatives Ready Their War Chests For Major Supreme Court Fight - Katie Pavlich

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Conservatives Ready Their War Chests For Major Supreme Court Fight - Katie Pavlich

Another contender Judge Raymond Kethlidge made headlines blasting the IRS over its treatment of tea party groups.

But Valentino says a late addition to the final four, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Hardiman comes off as more moderate on some issues and could have the edge.

"Justice Kavanaugh has the most experience but Justice Hardiman is the one that will get through the Senate more easily and he would bring better legal mind to the United States or in court than all four", Valentino told News10NBC.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) told NBC's "Meet the Press" that the Senate will be able to confirm Barrett, Hardiman, Kavanaugh, or Kethledge, but said picking a candidate who can be confirmed quickly is important.

Since Kennedy declared his retirement almost two weeks ago, conservative groups have been gearing up for a battle of a lifetime as Democrats vow to do everything possible to block President Trump's choice.

When President Donald Trump unveils his second Supreme Court pick Monday night with the prime-time flourish of a reality show star, he will lay a momentous marker in modern political history. She was a law clerk for Scalia.

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What McConnell reportedly said about Trump's...

"In a nation with over 700 sitting federal judges, many of whom were appointed by Republican presidents, it is outrageous that President Trump will nominate from a list of just 25 dictated to him by the Heritage Foundation", Casey said in a statement Monday. But a woman's right to choose may be at the center of the Senate's confirmation hearings.

Barrett, who is 46, has less of a judicial record to review, having just been nominated to the appeals court by Trump a year ago.

"This is a nightmare for red-state Democrats to oppose a highly qualified nominee, and all four of these people are highly qualified, been on the court, know what they're doing, mainstream judges", Graham said. Perhaps it will fire up Democrats to embark on the decades-long quest to remake the ideological balance of the court that the GOP has used to enthuse its grassroots voters and that Trump harnessed in 2016. But four Democrats from states Trump won in 2016 voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago, leaving the Republicans room for error. As an appeals court judge, Kethledge authored several notable opinions, including one that upheld the death penalty against a suspect who murdered a woman on federal land and a case in OH that questioned whether private citizens can sue the state for failing to enforce pollution controls. Other Democrats who represent heavily Republican states will also be under pressure to support the nominee. The group says it has reserved air time nationally and in those same states for another four weeks. "You can't go wrong", the president told reporters Sunday.

Kavanaugh is a former clerk to Anthony Kennedy, and was the principle author of the Ken Starr report on Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

"I'm open to voting yes. I don't think my role is a rubber stamp for the President, but it's also not an automatic, knee-jerk no either", Jones said.

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