Demolition of twin towers at Cape Canaveral's historic Launch Complex 17

LC-17 in its Delta II configuration – via NASA

LC-17 in its Delta II configuration – via NASA

Historic launch towers - the site of launches dating back decades - landed in a pile of rubble at 7:03 a.m.Thursday in a planned explosion at Cape Canaveral.

The almost 60-metre-tall towers came tumbling down after explosives were activated, sending them falling in opposite directions at the US Air Force base in Florida.

It's considered to be twin landmarks with plenty of history. According to Florida Today, the demolition project had a price tag of $2 million. "Keep your fingers crossed that I won't mess this up", he told observers, the newspaper Florida Today reported.

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- The last two launch towers to stand at Cape Canaveral since the dawn of the Space Age are no more.

For years the towers were known for their distinctive red colouring until anti-corrosive coatings were applied in the early 90s.

The last launch from the towers came on September 10, 2011, when United Launch Alliances workhorse Delta II program sent gravity mapping probes to the moon for NASA.

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