DJI Mavic 2 Leak Hints at 360 Sensing and More

The Mavic 2 no longer branded'Mavic Pro which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

The Mavic 2 no longer branded ‘Mavic Pro’ which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

As expected, the DJI Mavic Pro II will have a gorgeous but practical design.

The Mavic Pro's video quality has received mixed reviews, and while we'd expect DJI to launch any follow-up device with an improved camera, giving owners additional options would be a big plus and would also set it apart from the Mavic Air, which has a fixed camera. The addition wouldn't make DJI Inspire buyers sweat, but it could be helpful for drone buyers who'd rather not give up portability for the sake of their shots.

That event has however since been postponed, and while it's not quite 100 percent confirmation that a Mavic successor was what DJI was planning on revealing on the day, a purported image of the company's next major consumer drone was leaked online over the weekend - and it shows off several new features. The first one, which may be the 1-inch sensor, is mounted on the drone in gray. This may explain the title of the See the Bigger Picture event.

Next to this "removable gimbal" also appears to be some form of portable electrical device featuring an Apple "Lightening" connector, perhaps the gimbal can now dock from the drone into a hand-held device, like the "GoPro Karma Grip" of the "Karma" drone package. All other stylistic and mechanics of the drone remain most similar to its predecessor than the more recent Mavic Air.

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The Mavic Pro 2 is going to be more powerful. If this is really the DJI Mavic 2, drone enthusiasts should definitely get excited about it.

A leaked image allegedly showed the next DJI drone, the DJI Mavic 2. This would be a feature that will be carried over from the original Mavic Pro. But it seems to suggest that the front legs can fold sideways. DJI had announced an event for July 18 with the tagline "see the bigger picture", but it's since postponed it without offering a new date.

A photo purporting to be of DJI's Mavic 2.

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