Don't miss your date with century's longest Lunar Eclipse today..

July's total lunar eclipse is a rare event, as the light from our life-giving Sun will become blocked for one hour and 43 minutes, the longest totality of the 21st Century.

Early risers on Saturday morning are set for a celestial feast as scientists predict the moon to glow blood red thanks to the longest lunar eclipse this century.

The totality of this lunar eclipse will last about an hour and 43 minutes, but a partial eclipse before and after the total phase will each last an hour and six minutes - which means the moon will spend almost four hours crossing the Earth's shadow. The moon in the lunar eclipse will also be passing through the middle of the Earth's shadow, meaning it will spend the maximum time in darkness, thus contributing to the long duration of the eclipse. Blue light is scattered, leaving only red.

So where can you see the total lunar eclipse? This brings the Moon completely in the shadow of the Earth making it darker. "The eclipse will be visible from India and most partsof the world except for the extreme north and the US and Canada".

The eclipse will be visible in its entirety from the Indian Ocean and surrounding countries, from India to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Being able to see the Sun and a lunar eclipse at once might be thought impossible, given these events typically happened when the Sun, the Earth and the moon were all in a straight line.

Mars will more likely appear as a very bright star, and viewers will need no protective eye gear.

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The moon will start to rise at 8.50pm tonight, and the total eclipse will end at 10.13pm.

Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is quite safe to look at with the naked eye.

Today marks what astronomers refer to as the "opposition" of Mars - something that took place around every two years, when Earth lined up directly between Mars and the Sun. However, there still is a way using which it is possible to view the "blood moon" - live stream on YouTube. There are many factors for this, one being that the moon will be at the farthest point from Earth in its orbit.

Nigeria will on Friday night experience a spectacular total lunar eclipse, which will last for one hour, a professor, Augustine Ubachukwu, has said. In metro cities, space enthusiasts may miss out on watching the moon being eclipsed due to pollution.

The moon takes about 27 days to orbit Earth and goes through regular phases in a 29.5-day cycle.

The Moon will begin a long journey through Earth's shadow on Friday afternoon, with the complete trip taking just over 6 hours. As a result, expect to see the lunar disk go from a dark gray color when the eclipse starts to a reddish-orange color during totality.

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