ESPYs host Danica Patrick falls flat in opening monologue

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ESPYs host Danica Patrick falls flat in opening monologue

Looking really tan, really content and really happy, former race vehicle driver Danica Patrick stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday (July 16) to not only promote her hosting gig at the 2018 ESPY Awards on Wednesday (July 18, ) but also talk up her relationship with current boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. Patrick and Rodgers first met at The ESPYs in 2012.

Hosted by newly retired racecar driver Danica Patrick, the ESPYS will be honoring the past year's top sports achievements and moments.

Her first joke about Cleveland fell flat. The auto racing star opened with shots at Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the United States men's national soccer team.

Patrick soldiered on, telling the audience, "We have to mention the elephant in the room".

Some athletes in the crowd sat stone-faced. The wonderful GIF of Chrissy Teigen's awkward smile that looked like she was wincing hard was a popular meme that people were using to share their embarrassment for Danica. It also received mixed reviews on social media. One person captioned their Twitter post, "Stop it please, Danica Patrick".

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"When LeBron hosted, he made fun of me too", Patrick said during the show's opening.

The former race auto driver delivered an opening monologue that took (lighthearted) aim at some of the top athletes in sports.

The IndyCar driver and GoDaddy spokeswoman took two characters for a spin in the faux trailer, portraying both a trashier version of herself - basically Tonya Harding if she raced cars instead of ice skating - and her alcoholic, emotionally abusive mother who looks and acts a lot like Allison Janney from "I, Tonya".

Patrick fared better in a taped spoof of the movie "I, Tonya", renamed "I, Danica".

Patrick's paramour, Green Bay Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers, also stars in the fake trailer in a Jeff Gilooly-inspired sweater and mustache.

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