Fortnite Worlds Collide: What Is the New Worlds Collide Event?

The latest news on the Fortnite Android release

EPIC GAMESThe latest news on the Fortnite Android release

Now, the time has come for Epic Games to take the odd rift events one step further, although the changes have not been unveiled yet.

For more on the Battle Royale game, check out IGN's Fortnite wiki. The Durr Burger was the epicenter in California, but Season 5 is set to be announced and debut in a few days.

That heroes and villains theme has never been explained fully by Epic Games but players finally started to get some answers when the rocket in the villain's base launched on June 30th and mysterious cracks and portals started to appear around the map and in the sky.

Then, a landmark from the game the real world.


To satisfy the nay-sayers, he also posted a video of the statue.

. Though it's lacking the huge dimensional crack that Epic Games used in the Fortnite teaser, you can still make out the clear similarities between the real-life mask and the teaser image.

And by Monday, llama piñatas - the game's mascot - had been spotted all over Europe.


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There's been two in London, as well as one each in Barcelona, Cannes, Cologne, Paris, and Warsaw.

Meanwhile, seemingly foreign objects started appearing in the game, apparently being spit out by the rifts.


But what does it all mean?!

While you may have expected it to happen, we now know that a new Fortnite update is being released this week.

With Season 5 on the horizon, many theories have been expelled as to what the theme will be.

It seems more likely that the new update will go live late on Wednesday, or early on Thursday, July 12. As part of the marketing campaign for the game's fifth season, characters and items have been popping up all over the world, with secret messages, phone numbers, and tons of other cool stuff related to the game that's crossed over into the real world.

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