Greenpeace protestors collision Superman-shaped drone right into French nuclear plant

La Bugey: A drone resembling the character Superman crashes into a wall of a nuclear power plant on Tuesday.—AP

La Bugey: A drone resembling the character Superman crashes into a wall of a nuclear power plant on Tuesday.—AP

The environmental group says the drone was harmless but it showed the lax nuclear security in France, which is heavily dependent on nuclear power, using it for about 75 percent of its energy needs.

A Superman-shaped drone and a miniature aircraft piloted by Greenpeace activists were smashed Tuesday morning against a building of a nuclear power plant near Lyon, with "no impact" on the safety of facilities according to the state-controlled EDF.

"Our act once again demonstrates the extreme vulnerability of buildings of this type, which contains the main volume of radioactive substances", - stated in the page of "Greenpeace" on the social network Twitter, which also provides video coverage of the action.

A Superman drone remotely controlled by Greenpeace activists crashes into a spent fuel storage building at a nuclear power plant in Bugey, France.

EDF reported that two drones had flown over the Bugey site during the incident, with one successfully intercepted by French police.

Greenpeace said the spent-fuel buildings were not created to withstand outside attacks and were the most vulnerable part of French nuclear plants.

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"The fuel building is key for security, designed in particular to withstand natural or accidental damage, which ensures its high degree of robustness", the company said, adding that it would lodge a complaint with police.

The superhuman stunt is one of many recent actions by Greenpeace activists at French nuclear facilities made to highlight security concerns. The drone crashed against the wall of the plant's spent-fuel pool building and plummeted to the ground like a kryptonite balloon.

In October, Greenpeace activists broke through two security barriers and launched fireworks over EDF's Cattenom nuclear plant.

The current feat adheres to a collection of organized burglaries by Greenpeace protestors in French nuclear plants. Last week, 19 activists were handed suspended sentences for breaking into another nuclear plant last November.

These feats have actually stimulated a parliament examination right into nuclear protection, which results from exist on Thursday, Reuters reported.

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