Have You Seen This? Cat crashes live TV interview

This famous BBC interview has a feline sequel

This famous BBC interview has a feline sequel

A ginger moggie has stolen the show during a live TV interview on the rather serious subject of ongoing political tensions in Poland.

Jerzy Targalski, famous Polish historian and publicist, has become a new Internet meme thanks to his cat, who also made a decision to participate in an interview with his master, wrote on Sunday, July 8 TJourmal, reports Корреспондент.net. Targlaski didn't miss a beat. "The cat does not change, wherever I am, it always climbs on my shoulders, five times a day", Targalski told Dutch news outlet NOS. During the talk, Targlaski looks nearly unfazed by the cat on his shoulders.

Targlaski gamely carried on during the interview, occasionally removing his cat's tail from blocking his face.

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The historian and political scientist was discussing the Polish Supreme Court on the news program "Nieuwsuur", when his cat, without warning, climbed up on Targalski's shoulders, curled himself around the academic's head and remained there.

Targlaski's interview was pre-taped, so the whole feline fiasco was not actually seen on TV.

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