Kim Jong-un visits factories near border with China

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump meet in Singapore

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump meet in Singapore

Skeptics say the North has no intention of giving up its hard-won gains in developing a nuclear weapon that could target the USA mainland and is trying to buy time to persuade Washington to ease punishing economic sanctions that have begun to bite.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to meet with North Korean officials soon to continue negotiations.

(ENGLISH) - AP #4161437/1 "And it's to North Korea's advantage to see these programs dismantled very quickly because then the elimination of sanctions, aid by South Korea and Japan and others can all begin to flow".

Last weekend, a USA delegation met with Kim Jong-un's officials at the North and South Korean border, to discuss their next steps towards implementing the denuclearisation treaty signed by North Korea and the U.S. at the June 12 summit in Singapore.

Immediately following the summit, Trump also announced the USA was canceling a major joint military exercise with South Korea scheduled for August, Ulchi Freedom Guardian - even calling it a "war game", and "provocative" - the same language used by North Korea and China.

Pyongyang does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile and tries to deceive the USA about the number of its nuclear warheads and the existence of undisclosed facilities, the Washington Post reported, citing U.S. intelligence officials.

A U.S. delegation met over the weekend with North Korean counterparts at the border between North and South Korea to discuss the next steps to implementing the June 12 summit's declaration, according to the U.S. State Department. Team Prosperity defeated Team Peace 103-102, with North Korea's Ro Suk Yong scoring 18 points, according to pool reports. Some aspects of the updated intelligence were reported Friday by NBC News.

"This is not like North Korea cheating or deceiving the USA because they've made no commitments". The official was not authorized to comment publicly on the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

US intelligence officials also have obtained evidence that the North is considering ways to hide the number of weapons it has and its secret production facilities, according to The Washington Post.

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"We have developed a program".

Bolton said Sunday, July 1, the US has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs in a year.

If Kim cooperates, Mr Bolton said, the process would happen quickly.

The lone weapons facility that has been acknowledged by North Korea is in Yongbyon, 60 miles north of Pyongyang.

Even if North Korea is willing to cooperate, dismantling its secretive weapons of mass destruction programs, believed to encompass dozens of sites, will be tough.

"Also, this most recent report that the North Koreans are building a facility to build more parts for their solid-fuel missiles - that's also inconsistent with the notion that they are going to give up their weapons".

"I don't think it could be done during Pompeo's visit to Pyongyang this time", he said. Have I been in deals, have you been in things where, people didn't work out? I shook hands with him.

Trump defended his decision to suspend "war games" with close ally South Korea - a significant concession to North Korea, which so far has suspended nuclear and missile tests and destroyed tunnels at its nuclear test site but not taken further concrete steps to denuclearize.

Bolton noted in a separate interview on "Fox News Sunday" that Kim referenced the harsh rhetoric his regime and the national security adviser have traded back and forth dating to the George W. Bush administration.

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