Man finds wife and her lover dead of carbon monoxide poisoning

In an enclosed space carbon monoxide produced by a vehicle can be deadly. More

In an enclosed space carbon monoxide produced by a vehicle can be deadly. More

A man returned to his New Jersey home Monday night to find both his wife and her lover dead in the garage, after the pair apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 NY.

Johnson made the awful discovery after coming home from work Monday and smelling gas at the apartment complex in Newark, Nj., where he lived.

Johnson said that he arrived at his New Jersey home home and found the two dead in the garage.

The sources allege Hargrave was paying for the work on her auto by having sex with the mechanic, according to WNBC.

'She's just a few feet away, she's laid out.

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It was there where police say he found his wife, Tameka Hargrave, 39, and the male mechanic.

Tameka Hargrave's husband found her body in the garage on Monday, July 9, 2018.

That account says the man and woman were found inside the vehicle, not near it. However, they believe they are accidental deaths, AP reported. Newark police spokeswoman Catherine Adams said, however, that the department has no information about how the accident occurred and could not confirm the victims' names. I want her to see me graduate high school.

Family friend Kelly Mitchell said she couldn't get her head around Hargrave's death. The duo apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning, law enforcement sources said. "I can't do that", daughter Khalisha Johnson told CBS.

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