Mario Kart VR is Speeding into the UK This Summer

The latest of these team-ups is Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, which (as the name suggests) is a virtual reality title, and United Kingdom fans will soon have an opportunity to try it out! "The launch of the iconic Mario Kart VR at Hollywood Bowl is an exciting introduction, as it brings virtual reality gaming to our customers on a large and accessible scale."- Steve Burns, CEO, Hollywood Bowl Group.

After launching the VR racer in Japan a year ago, Bandai Namco has made a decision to bring it to VR Zone Portal London at the Hollywood Bowl at the O2. No, in Mario Kart VR you're sat in a life-size Mario Kart kart replica.

Players can get behind the wheel of the virtual karts at the Hollywood Bowl in London's O2 Arena from 3 August, but first need to sign up to grab a spot on the waiting list. For the VR aspect of the experience, players wear headphones for audio, a HTC Vive headset for the visuals and Vive Trackers on each wrist for the movements.

The experience will become part of the VR Zone Portal located within the Hollywood Bowl at The O2, where it will offer up to four players the chance to climb into a specially design Mario-themed kart before racing against each other as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Yoshi.

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It's also worth noting that the kart features haptic feedback so when you bump into something in the game you're going to feel that jolt in real life.

Following the European debut, the Bandai Namco is expected to launch its experience to other VR sites as well, including Leeds and Tunbridge Wells.

However, while the Japanese games giant is the mastermind behind the Mario Kart titles available on its home consoles, developer Bandai Namco has built the VR version of the arcade racer, Alphr reports.

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