Microsoft Rewards app is now available for everyone on Xbox One

Xbox One rolls out FastStart feature to speed up downloads

Xbox One's fast-loading feature rolls out today

There are some more minor improvements as well. FastStartFirst introduced three weeks ago for Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insider rings, FastStart now arrives for all. This is what differentiates it from the existing Ready to Start feature - that allowed players to launch games before they were fully downloaded, but required developers to manually section off required data. You'll be able to see your games and apps, applicable Settings options, or look for products in the Store. This is a feature that's been in testing for a couple of versions now, and it allows you to make collections of your games and apps.

However, there are two restrictions worth mentioning with FastStart - it's only available for "select" English-language games for now, and players will need to have at least a 20MB internet connection to take advantage of it.

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Xbox's July update improvements Mixer broadcasting too, with improvements to Mixer's Share Controller feature and support for full mouse and keyboard for PC users. FastStart prioritizes the files in games which need to be downloaded first, Microsoft says you can expect for FastStart to expand to more games in more languages over the next few months. Multi-touch was added, so multiple controls can be used at the same time. Users can also tinker with them in a number of ways, including adding custom names to each Group and adding individual Groups to Home. Each channel also now features leaderboards, showing who contributed the most. Full Screen Broadcasting on MixerWhile streaming, players can now switch to full screen with their webcam at any time. While in this mode game audio is muted, making it ideal for talking to your audience while switching from game to game or setting up before you start playing.

Improved Console Broadcasting Quality and StabilityWhile Microsoft hasn't specified the changes, they've made several fixes to improve overall video quality during boradcasts, especially during "bandwidth-heavy multiplayer".

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