NATO Summit: Germany, France reject Trump's budget demands

Trump claimed victory after bitterly criticizing key allies, notably Germany, for failing to pay their way at one of the most fractious summits in Nato's 70-year history.

Trump suggests he forced a great shift in the space of the past two days.

The source refused to comment on reports that Trump had threatened to pull out of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation altogether.

Following an emergency session at the alliance headquarters in Brussels to discuss his demands, Mr Trump said he had made it clear that he was "extremely unhappy" with what had been on the table so far. It is necessary to conduct a dialogue, coordinate, the way the both sides used to do it in the past, and not discuss sanctions. "That is, are we really committed to the same goals and to the future of the organization?"

Finland will reinstate border controls for travelers from Schengen countries for four days during a summit in Helsinki between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the government said on Friday.

In a taut exchange with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday, Trump said Nord Stream 2 - an offshore pipeline that would deliver gas to Germany directly from Russian Federation via the Baltic Sea - leaves the Western military alliance's largest and wealthiest European member "totally controlled" by and "captive to" Russian Federation.

Woody Johnson, the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom, dismissed the significance of the protests, telling Fox News that one of the reasons the two countries are so close "is because we have the freedoms that we've all fought for". But not before Merkel and other top officials in the German government had publicly fired back at Trump's breakfast diatribe.

He also renewed a demand that they even double that - though many question what they could usefully spend it on.

Man poisoned by Novichok in England conscious, hospital officials say
An extra £5m of government funding has been handed out to help the Wiltshire economy recover after a couple were poisoned by a nerve agent.

"I'm sorry, they're for White House staff", they were told as they tried to grab vacant seats at the front.

"The fact is that we have a commitment to increase defense spending".

At NATO's 2014 summit in Wales, in the face of new Russian aggression and the annexation of Crimea, the allies had pledged to increase investments in defence and move towards investing 2 per cent of their GDP in collective security. There are always other options, the US secretary said, noting that the parties had held frank discussions on Nord Stream 2. And he said Canada has promised to reverse a decline in military resources with an eye towards the two per cent target. "He may deny (it)", Mr Trump added. "There is a communique that was published yesterday. It's very detailed", Macron said. He said that two-thirds of the allied states had made plans to reach two per cent of GDP in 2024 and eight members had already achieved it. People are paying money that they've never paid before.

"If we can do something to substantially reduce them, I mean, ideally get rid of them, maybe that's a dream, but certainly it's a subject that I'll be bringing up with him", Trump said of his upcoming meeting with Putin. "I'm a very stable genius". "I'm a very stable genius".

European Union affairs ministers will round off the week with a debate on Britain's Brexit position paper on Thursday and Friday after British prime minister Theresa May eventually published it.

"The President said his meeting with the Russian leader may be the easiest" part of his European tour, with massive protests expected over his presence in London.

Others, such as University of Ottawa professor Roland Paris, who previously served as Trudeau's foreign policy adviser, were left unimpressed with Trump's approach, saying it could pose a danger to the alliance, whose very strength rests on unity.

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican, criticized Trump for saying that. On Thursday, Trump said he wasn't troubled by the planned protests. "Explain that. And it can't be explained - you know that", Trump said. "They like me a lot in the U.K".

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