Netflix mulling over 'Ultra' subscription for $17 per month

The tests could spell out another new pricing model change for all Netflix users

The tests could spell out another new pricing model change for all Netflix usersImage Guillaume Payen SOPA Images LightRocket via Getty Images

The new tier will offer the same quality and features as Netflix's Premium tier which, at $13.99, was the highest tier available.

News of the trial prices was confirmed by Netflix in a statement to CNET. However the company will need to ensure it doesn't experience the kind of consumer backlash it felt in 2011, when it split its streaming service from its traditional disc service.

A potential change that could affect more subscribers - some consumers in Europe also were offered a change from the current Netflix plans.

So Netflix wants to see how much users value HDR vs. four-stream access. If the blog is correct it looks like Netflix is going to offer an Ultra tier - for more money of course.

There are now three subscription plans to choose from: $7.99 Basic (Standard Definition - 1 screen at a time), $10.99 Standard (HD available - 2 screens) and $13.99 Premium (HD and Ultra HD on 4 screens).

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Users in European countries like Germany and Italy have already reported seeing this addition to the list of subscription plans, according to, with Ultra being priced at €16.99 (roughly £15 GBP or $19.90 USD). The current pack with highest price is the "Premium" subscription which allows users to enjoy their videos at 1080p (Full HD) with screen sharing of 4 at a time. "Not everyone will see this test and we may not ever offer the specific price points or features included in this test".

This is just a test, Netflix says, but one that could eventually lead to higher monthly bills for subscribers.

Shows like "Luke Cage" and "Glow" are available in HDR.

The company now has three subscription plans: $7.99 Basic, $10.99 Standard, and $13.99 Premium. Standard allows for viewing on two screens, and Premium allows for four screen streaming.

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