Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

Ohio State University says more than 100 former students have provided firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by a now-dead team physician in an ongoing investigation. That Ohio State's investigation has already discovered more than 100 alleged victims reinforces that expectation.

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from the state's fourth district, is a former Ohio State wrestling assistant coach. He denies having any knowledge of Strauss' alleged abuse, and says that he would've acted if he did.

Fury declined to provide details about the interview, including whether Jordan was accompanied by an attorney during the session.

Ohio State said it is reviewing the lawsuit but didn't comment further about it.

A law firm assigned to conduct an independent inquiry on behalf of the OH state attorney general has interviewed more than 200 former students and staff believed to have had knowledge of the matter, the school said in an online update.

Former OSU wrestler Mike DiSabato first made public allegations against Strauss three months ago, citing "systemic sexual abuse which occurred over a 20-year timeframe and was ignored at the highest levels of the university". Through his campaign committee, Jordan has retained a PR firm to help deal with the political fallout from the OSU scandal.

Whether Jordan knew has become a matter of debate among former Ohio State wrestlers. His relatives have said they were shocked by the allegations.

Other former team members have said they believe Jordan's statements that he knew nothing.

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The university in April announced that independent investigators were looking into allegations that Strauss fondled and groped male athletes during physical examinations and medical treatment.

Four wrestlers filed one of the lawsuits, and a fifth filed the other, which both make similar claims. "Being a doctor now, I have a better understanding". He said Strauss did a full-body exam and inappropriately touched him.

"We are grateful to those who have come forward and remain deeply concerned for anyone who may have been affected by Dr. Strauss' actions", Drake said.

"I felt very, very secure that that guy isn't going to do this again", Snyder-Hill said.

"I knew of no abuse". "Today, I'd have a different opinion of it".

Snyder-Hill said he told the officials he wanted to be notified if they ever got another complaint about Strauss, and he never heard more about it.

Brett Briley was a freshman on the fencing team in 1989.

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