Shark pulls woman into crocodile-infested waters in Australia

Melissa Brunning prepares to feed the shark

Camera Icon Melissa Brunning prepares to feed the

An Australian woman is feeling lucky to be alive after she was reportedly pulled into the water by a shark.

The attack occurred while the 34-year-old woman from Perth was on holiday in Dugong Bay, a remote spot known for its sharks and saltwater crocodiles.

Luckily for Brunning, her friends and family were nearby and quickly puller her back onto their yacht.

"I came up and I said "I've lost my finger" and I couldn't even look at my finger because I thought it was gone, and I thought if I looked at it I'd probably go into shock", the vacationing attempted shark-feeder said, according to KTRK News.

Melissa Brunning was pulled into the water in northwest Australia by a nurse shark.

Melissa told Perth Now the shark's mouth was "like a Hoover" and her entire right index finger was swallowed by the animal's razor sharp teeth.

As it was only day three of her dream two-week holiday in remote WA, Ms Brunning chose to carry on, hoping her finger would heal by itself. Surgery followed to try to flush out the infection, and Ms Brunning remains on antibiotics.

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Don't feed sharks. And be mindful of your surroundings.

She said she did not realise she should have left the piece of fish she was using to feed the sharks in front of her, rather than trying to hand-feed them.

'It's not the shark's fault at all, but it could have been a lot worse, ' she said.

"I'm not a shark victim".

Brunning also said after the incident, she has learned to respect the marine life and to leave them alone. I've always had the opinion that when you're in the water, they're top of the food chain, it's their domain. "We are not meant to be in the water, if we were, we would have gills", she added.

Then she shows them her scars.

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