Texas couple considers divorce to help pay for daughter's health care costs

Even with health insurance the Greys spend upwards of $15,000 a year out of pocket on healthcare costs for their daughter's rare chromosomal disorder

Texas couple considers divorce to help pay for daughter's health care costs

The couple said their divorce is the only way to get healthcare for their daughter who is disabled.

"I used to get anxiety just opening the mail because I was scared of what would come or what bill would come or what denial would come", Maria said through tears.

Texas couple Maria and Jake Grey told WFAA that their six-year-old daughter Brighton requires around-the-clock care because she suffers from a rare chromosomal disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which causes hearing and vision impairments, seizures, and heart and kidney problems. That's 30% of their income.

'When you have a newborn everything gets really stressful and you have to really adapt to somebody needing you 24/7. we've had a newborn for six and a half years, ' Maria said.

Jake Grey's $40,000 salary is too much for the family to receive Medicaid, and Maria Grey said they are No. 60,000 on the list to receive state assistance. By divorcing, Maria would become a single, jobless mother of two and would qualify for Medicaid to help with their finances immediately. "It would be divorce". And while there is state assistance available, there are tens of thousands of people on the waiting lists.

The Greys say they're going public with their struggle to help raise awareness about their predicament and encourage others in a similar situation to speak up.

"We've just struggled and struggled with it, and now we've gotten to the point, where we feel it's a real possibility", Jake told WFAA.

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Jake Grey, an Army veteran, said the family has private health insurance but they still spend about $15,000 every year out of pocket.

It was nine years ago they took their wedding vows on a attractive Florida beach.

The Greys married some nine years ago in Florida and could never imagine beating life's challenges with anyone else.

"For a family like this, they really are in a tough spot, ' Miller said, calling the couple's out of pocket costs "very high" and 'shocking".

"We're No. 60,000", Maria said.

"She is a pure and handsome soul", Maria said. But they're considering a divorce, for the sake of one of their kids.

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