Trump, allies set for face-off during first day of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Trump has said maintaining a strong personal relationship with Putin is in America's interest and has signaled to allies that he trusts his own instincts in dealing with Russia's president.

Ian Bremmer, the head of the Eurasia Group, explained Tuesday on MSNBC that the summit might have had a chance at bolstering relationships with US allies if Trump had sent Vice President Mike Pence to go in his place.

At a time when Russian Federation is an global pariah because of its invasions of neighbors like Georgia and Ukraine, the president of the United States has repeatedly denigrated the country's historical allies in Europe while expressing hope that relations with Russian Federation will become closer.

The alliance invoked that concept after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the USA and deploys worldwide forces alongside US troops in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

And while she noted the "emphasis on burden-sharing", Hutchison focused on the fact that "every one of our allies - 100% - are increasing defense spending" and noted that USA allies are "on track to make the 2% pledge" regarding defense spending as a proportion of GDP.

After his meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders, Trump is scheduled to visit London for talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, days after her Cabinet was hit by two major resignations over the Brexit issue. But the relatively unsexy, multilateral work of the alliance doesn't play to Trump's typical strengths or preferences of how to conduct foreign policy.

"There is a communication problem there", he said, adding that the controversial moves could have the adverse effect of making it hard for European leaders to legislate to increase their defense budgets.

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"America, appreciate your allies - after all, you don't have that many". "A competitor", the president said. "No one wants to look like Trump's poodle".

The president touted that the United States lost $151 billion a year ago on trade and slapped tariffs on other countries in an effort towards free and fair trade.

The European Council President appealed to Mr Trump to remember who his allies are as the United States leader prepares to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"There's some concern that the optics could be quite problematic", Kupchan says of this week's Europe trip, based on what happened in Canada and Singapore. "The conversation in Brussels could be strained and awkward, and then you [could] have Putin and Trump standing shoulder to shoulder and being buddy-buddy".

While NATO members increased overall defense spending in 2017, for a second consecutive year, the United States was still largely outspending all other members. That means the US share for all three combined would be around $590 million, at most. "The United States has always viewed its network of alliances as a net plus for American security and America's role in the world", explains Goldgeier, "and American leadership and has always seen the network of alliances as an advantage in its competition with countries like China and Russian Federation that have very few allies".

"On top of that, we $151 billion on trade with the European Union". At the G7 meeting, Trump reportedly said, "NATO is as bad as NAFTA", according to Axios.

He continued, "suddenly you have a situation where the USA president wants to connect the two things".

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