Trump attacks CNN, NBC and British paper in news conference

Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts criticized President Donald Trump on Friday for calling competing networks dishonest and "fake news" during a United Kingdom press conference.

"Trump even mentioned because of that Sun "fake news" article as he called it, he apologized to Teresa May and said so at the press conference and she took it very lightly and said, 'oh, it's the press, "' DeLay said.

The Wall Street Journal, owned by Murdoch's News Corp., said the day was "overshadowed" by Trump's interview with the Sun and said it could undermine May at a time when she is struggling to gain Parliament's support for her plans for Brexit. It called Trump's hour-long joint news conference with May "surreal" and said he "referred repeatedly yet obliquely to "a suggestion" he had given Mrs".

'In response to the President lashing out at NBC, CNN and The Sun: Asking smart, tough questions, whether in a presidential press conference or interview, is central to the role a free press plays in a healthy republic, ' she said. In denying a query from CNN anchor Jim Acosta, Trump said that "CNN is fake news".

"In today's press conference, I paused while my colleague from CNN went back and forth with President Trump over a question", Roberts said in a statement. "Let's go to a real network". The interview, however, was recorded. "Fortunately we tend to record stories now so we have it for your enjoyment if you would like it".

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"There are some fine journalists who work there [at CNN] and risk their lives to report on stories around the world", Roberts added, noting that he used to work for the network.

He called on NBC's Kristen Welker, who asked, "Are you giving Russian president Vladimir Putin the upper hand heading into your talks, given that you are challenging these alliances that he seeks to break up and destroy?" He continued to make pleas for a question as Trump called on John Roberts of Fox News.

Trump: "See, that's such dishonest reporting", he said, lambasting both NBC and CNN, which he frequently lumps together. "To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is ... unfair". I know Kristen Welker of NBC.

"Lesson for the kids out there: no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation it will ever be reciprocated", Tapper wrote.

In a statement, the Sun said it stood by its reporting.

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