Trump Goes on Anti-Immigrant Rant: They’re ‘Changing The Culture’ of Europe

President Donald Trump pressed ahead Friday with his complaints that European immigration policies are changing the "fabric of Europe" and destroying European culture.

"You see the same terror attacks that I do", he said. Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame. But he reiterated his belief that Europe's decision to accept migrants from Middle Eastern and African countries is "a very negative thing for Europe".

Mr Trump said: 'I think what has happened to Europe is a shame. I think it's a very negative thing for Europe.

It comes after the continent's migration crisis has made headlines yet again this year as hundreds of thousands of people - mostly from Africa and the Middle East - make unsafe journeys to reach Europe illegally.

May says people of different backgrounds have contributed to her country's society, but it's important to have a "set of rules" when it comes to immigration.

"But let's be clear, this is a country where people come from all over the world and make a fantastic contribution".

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Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric and policies have played a huge role in his 2016 election and presidency so far. But he said European countries need to "watch themselves".

He said he believed a "small minority" of immigrants do not support British values, but that immigration had had "a positive impact on this country overall".

"One of the reasons I got elected was because of immigration and I felt that Brexit had the upper hand and most people didn't agree with me".

Times editor Francis Elliott asked Trump about his remarks to The Sun that Europe is "losing [its] culture" because of immigration. "And of course that is what, as a government, we have been doing for a number of years and will continue to do in the future".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the way the President treats London and Khan was "without precedent and quite unreasonable". "It's brought people with different backgrounds, different outlooks here to the United Kingdom".

"The statement by Donald Trump condemning the mayor and then going on with a general condemnation of Muslim migration into the United States is not helpful, in fact is very risky to community relations, and I think the statement that Sadiq has made in response is very good".

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