Uber 'Spotlight' Tool Helps Your Driver Find You

Uber 'Spotlight' Tool Helps Your Driver Find You

Uber 'Spotlight' Tool Helps Your Driver Find You

You're then meant to hold up the phone so your driver can easily spot you.

Uber is testing a new feature called Beacon in Toronto, Canada.

The first feature, known as Spotlight, is useful when you're in dark areas where the driver could have difficulty spotting you. A driver may, for example, have trouble finding their passenger at the curb, an issue Uber hopes to solve with Spotlight. The idea was that you select a color in the app, and that color will light up an Uber logo inside the driver's vehicle - and your phone screen will display the same color, so you can hold it up to help your driver spot you. Drivers will receive a message so they know to look for, say, a yellow screen rather than a pink or green one.

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Finally, for rides booked in advance for a specific pickup date and time, Uber now guarantees the driver will be there on time. That way, if you schedule a ride, and a driver doesn't arrive during the time period you selected, Uber will give you $10 off your next ride. In case of delays, you'll be given Uber credits which can be used on subsequent rides.

To help you communicate with your driver without taking their attention off of the road, we've made sending a message simple. Now it's even easier to share a tip ("I'm wearing a red jacket"), or send your driver a quick pre-populated update like "be right there" with a single tap.

Uber has introduced new tools in North America that will improve the rider and driver experiences by helping the two find each other, meet at the best time possible, and more. We designed Pickup Messages to encourage safe driving: your messages are read aloud, and drivers can simply tap to respond.

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