Warner Bros. Greenlights Joaquin Phoenix-Led Joker Origin Film

CREDIT REX  Shutterstock  DC

CREDIT REX Shutterstock DC

The film has been in development for some time, with Phoenix reportedly in talks for months. Under new leadership, Warner Bros.is reportedly moving away from announcing a slew of superhero release dates far in advance, which some thought crippled the launch of the DCEU with rushed productions.

The director attached to the project, Todd Phillips, may come as a surprise, having most famously helmed the Hangover Trilogy and co-written the Borat movie along with Sacha Baron Cohen.

It's official! Joaquin Phoenix is set to star as The Joker in an upcoming origin movie about the iconic villain. The latest report from the trade makes no mention of Scorsese but does confirm The Wolf of Wall Street producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff is on board with Richard Baratta serving as executive producer. The film's budget is reportedly arond $55 million - relatively low for a major studio superhero film.

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"I don't know...it could be an interesting character, I don't know", Phoenix told Fandango in April, adding that he wouldn't be opposed to comic book movies if the conditions were right.

Phoenix's Joker however will be a separate standalone interpretation on the character, which isn't connected to the DC universe depicted in Justice League and Suicide Squad. "So I wouldn't say, hands down, no - I wouldn't do that kind of movie".

DC Entertainment's Joker origin film is officially greenlit, with a tentative starting shoot day this fall.

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