WhatsApp Group Calling Feature Is Now Live

Group video calling via Whats App is what's

Group video calling via Whats App is what's

The popular messaging service says that, from today, its billions of users will be able to use a new group video call feature.

The new feature is available for WhatsApp Android and iOS users.

Up to four people can now chat at once using WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp notes that its group video and voice calls are end-to-end encrypted, and it has been created to work properly across the world with varying network conditions. However, WhatsApp has standalone versions for Mac OS and Windows, and we won't be surprised to see that four people limit go up once the desktop versions get group video calls as well.

What's clever is that as a contact begins to speak their image gets bigger on your display.

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Video calls have been supported by WhatsApp since 2016, but until now they were limited to two participants.

WhatsApp also reassures users that just like their messages, group calls are encrypted end-to-end, so those who are anxious about privacy or WhatsApp recording their call sessions, worry not.

This new option is being introduced in an attempt to stop the spread of fake news and rumours.

In the last week of June, WhatsApp also announced the launch of its 24-hour helpline in English and three Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. Users can then search for or select another contact they want to add to the call. Of course, there's the difference that WhatsApp requires a phone number for each account. The "add participant" icon that WhatsApp has added for group video and audio calls will be disabled after a user adds a third participant.

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